Young girl's quick thinking gets quick attention

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Not every four-year-old is quick to recognize a problem and know what to do about it. Hannah Brown certainly does. When she saw smoke coming from a pile of wood in the alley behind her SE Second Street home, Hannah knew exactly what to do. She ran to her mother, Tiffany Brown, and told her to call 911. "It isn't every four-year-old who would know what 911 is," said Dan Freauff, Prineville Fire Department intern. Actually Hannah won't be four until next week, but she and her brother have been taught what the emergency number is all about. "We have been talking a lot about 911 to the kids," Tiffany Brown said, "and so it was exciting for her to use what she had been learning about. But when the neighbor told her she was a hero, she didn't think so. Hannah just took it for granted that she did what anyone would do." Firefighters responded very quickly, but the woodpile was old and very dry and by the time they arrived the fence and a nearby tree had started burning. Hannah's quick thinking actually did make her a hero. Hannah pointed to the place she saw the smoke coming from.