the editor: I would like to respond to the article about the Hash Rock salvage sale. The Forest Service wants to salvage 55 of the millions of dead trees that should be salvaged. But some environmental groups, to no one’s surprise, have appealed this sale because they feel it would have too great of an impact to the area, or any other area for that matter, to remove these trees. A small logging outfit, if allowed to work at their own pace could do the job in a couple of days. Now wouldn’t that provide quite a boost to the local economy? But as usual these environmentalists make statements that are misleading, half truths or completely false, knowing that many people will buy into their propaganda because they don’t know any different, and they rely on these clowns masquerading as experts, for their information. They show their intelligence by questioning if the timber would be exported. These so called experts should know that raw logs can’t be exported from federal land, and if they’d done any research at all they would know there wasn’t any private land inside this fire (where logs could be exported). Also I worked as a faller on this fire and knew the other fallers and at no time was I or any other faller to my knowledge instructed to cut trees that weren’t directly related to the suppression of the fire or for safety reasons. The people working with the fallers weren’t from the Ochoco or Deschutes forest so they had nothing to gain by having trees cut for the sole purpose of putting up a salvage sale. As far as having some debris left on the ground, I’ll guarantee you in ten years, if nothing is done they’ll be up to their eyeballs in fallen timber and God help us then if there’s another fire there or elsewhere where the timber is dead because we sure as hell can’t count on any help from these outspoken protectors of the forest doing anything physical to actually save a tree. But you can count on them showing up in court after the fire is out to set the record straight. John Ontko Prineville
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