vin (Rob Schneider) is a wanna-be cop working as a clerk in the local police station. He's the kind of guy everyone picks on - including 8-year-olds on a tour group who manage to handcuff him to wall, spray painting "looser" on his shirt.
   His life changes dramatically when he finds himself the only person at the police station when a call for help comes in. As is typical for Marvin, he doesn't quite measure up as the hero, and on his way to the scene he has an car accident that leaves him at the bottom of a ravine.
   Unbeknownst to Marvin, a mad scientist plucks him out of his crumpled car and puts him back together using animal parts. He wakes sometime later, fully intact, and carries on with his life - only now he has more strength and some peculiar new abilities (like the ability to sniff out suspicious smells) that makes it possible for him to get on the police force.
   Marvin is quickly propelled to fame when he literally sniffs out a drug dealer at the airport, and the drug dealer wasn't carrying anything with him. I'll let you figure out where the drugs were stashed. The sniffing thing isn't too bad, but with his urges for raw meat combined with uncontrolled sexual appetites take over, Marvin quickly begins to lose control.
   Marvin eventually teams up with the mad scientist to learn how to deal with his maniacal new abilities. Along the way he meets the girl of his dreams, Rianna (Colleen Haskell) who luckily has a thing for animals.
   The Animal is full of goofy humor, silly situations and outlandish visuals. This is definitely a movie you can't take seriously and probably one you don't want to take you mother to.
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