the editor: This is to recognize our loved ones who have long passed from this world. I am currently living in Alaska and was informed by a family member that the cemetery is asking people to not have things on the grave site due to the fact that they are in the way of people who have to clean the area, (such as mowing,cutting weeds,etc). This is appalling to the people who go up to see their loved ones only to find that they are limited to what they can do and what they can put on the graves at the cemeterys time schedule. I have family and friends who rest their souls up at the Juniper Haven Cemetery and for the people who are running it to tell us what we can and can’t have and when. Come on, I say that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If the family that are going up to pay respects to the loved ones are taking care of the site, who says it’s anyone’s right to interfere with how someone should grieve? The people of Prineville need to stand up for the ones who have long since passed, and not let anyone who is forbidding things on the graves at certain times come between what helps you to move on and help to get through your time of grief. I hope the words I have expressed will come out and let everyone stand up for the ones who no longer can. Thank you. Philamena Prieto
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