the editor: I am writing in regards to the proposed electricity plant on Lamonta Road in Prineville. I am extremely concerned of a number of issues regarding this project. The location of this project is very close to several homes. What is the noise factor? Are we going to hear a constant whine, day and night? What about the emission level. My family and livestock could suffer from the pollution. What medical research has been provided having a plant within 300 yards from homes. This is a vast state. A plant of this type should be located away from children, homes and livestock. This project is a large change from the original plant generator. They produced just enough electricity to operate their plant. This is much larger and will be using natural gas and oil that could create a very large explosion if it malfunctions. They have had a fire before. This also is a flood plain area. What would happen if another flood occurs here. Where will they get the water resource? We are suffering a drought this summer. The farmers and ranchers are receiving 1/2 the normal water allotment. We are having a hard time watering our fields. I protest this facility at this location and many neighbors feel the same way. What measures do you suggest? Do we need to supply a petition? A few people plan a “Get rich” scheme at the risk of many people and livestock. Please stop them! Kelly Kirkland Prineville
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