the editor: We have lived in Prineville for two years and four months. During that time we have found many inhabitants of Prineville to be narrow and uncharitable. We endured public meetings we’d RSVP’d changed to a new location without notifying us, a library organization which ignored our offer of art, rude sales clerks, one dreadful place of employment, violent neighbors with caged or tethered dogs who bark constantly. The combination created a subliminal feeling of doom. We wondered what kind of hellhole we’d wandered into. One day last month two neighbors came down our road and offered to help us cut our wood. A few days later, Skip Viner brought his wood splitter. My husband and the two men worked for several hours. When James Shank hopped in his truck to leave he backed right over our aged Chihuahua. He scooped her up in his arms and raced to the vet, saving her life (Shank for Planning Commission). The next day he and his wife went to the vet and paid the bill (Shank for Mayor) before she was able to go home. It has had such a subconscious effect on me. Renewed, I remembered that Al and Millie have been so good about watching our place when we are gone (Shank for Senator) Dhyana Kearly and Lori Kimbel wrote great articles about us (Shank for Governor). Elaine, Connie and I get together each Wednesday to write our autobiographies (Shank for President). Prineville Pharmacy, Thriftway and Bi-Mart employees are always wonderful (Shank for Sainthood). Maybe we won’t move. Maybe Prineville is going to work out for us after all. Betty Trombatore Prineville
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