>Prineville police have taken two into custody for a series of car break-ins, and also send out an advisory about fake bills being passed
Two Prineville juveniles have been arrested on charges stemming from a mini-crime spree in the North Ridge Subdivision area.
   The two, one 13-years old and the other 12, live in the neighborhood where at least 10 separate reports of vehicles being broken into have been made. Prineville Police Sgt. Dave Calhoun said the mother of one of the young boys noticed a number of CDs in her son's possession and when she asked about them, he confessed.
   "The officer responding to the reports of the car clouts was told by one mother about the stolen CDs," Calhoun explained. Further investigation turned up the name of the other boy. Both were arrested and released to the custody of the Crook County Juvenile Department.
   The rash of break-ins came to light when five residents called to report their losses. The incidents took place on the nights of June 14 and 15. Once the investigating officer started canvassing the neighborhood, another five residents found they had also been victimized.
   The oldest boy has been charged with 11 counts of unlawful entry into a motor vehicle, and 11 additional counts of first and second degree theft and second and third degree criminal mischief.
   The other boy will face seven counts; unlawful entry into a motor vehicle and second and third degree theft.
   These crimes are all class A and class C misdemeanors. It is the policy of the Central Oregonian not to publish the names of juveniles under the age of 17 unless the crimes they are accused of committing are felonies.
   Sgt. Calhoun reported that all the stolen items had been recovered and will be returned to the owners.
   Fake $5, $10 and $20 bills turn up in Prineville
   The Prineville Police Department is warning everyone to pay close attention, there have been at least four incidents of victims receiving counterfeit money recently.
   Friday, the police department issued the advisory warning that three incidents of counterfeit cash having been passed in the community. Monday morning, Sgt. Dave Calhoun reported that a tourist had brought a $20 bill to the police station.
   "The man said he could have taken the bill at some point between Portland and here," Calhoun said. "He brought it in and said he didn't like the way it looked. It was pretty obvious that it wasn't real."
   The earlier fake bills passed locally were $5 and $10 denominations. They were also very obviously counterfeit, Calhoun said. The color of the paper and ink are slightly off and look different when compared to a legitimate bill. People should pay close attention when handling money. Anyone victimized has no recourse, and is simply out that amount of money.
   Calhoun explained that when counterfeit money shows up, the local authorities take the case and forward copies of all reports to the US Secret Service. Passing counterfeit money is a federal offense and the penalties are heavy.
   The latest reports of counterfeit money showing up locally is the first in a year or more, when $50 bills were passed, mostly in Bend, with only a few turning up in Prineville.
   Anyone suspecting that they have received a counterfeit bill or knows anything about this investigation should contact the Prineville Police Department at 447-4168.
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