the editor: I would like to extend a very special thanks for the coverage your newspaper provided on the ‘Internet Fraud’ case. I would like to extend my utmost ‘Thank You’ to the following members of the Prineville Police Department for the many hundreds of hours of work they performed to bring Mr. Crump to justice. Officer Ronald Elliott: Ron took the initial report of the commissions of fraud and started the investigation. Detective Andrea Vaughn: When it was discovered that this case was more than just one person being defrauded, and how many people had been defrauded, Detective Vaughn was brought onto the case full time as the primary investigator. Lt. Eric Bush (By the way I love your horse): Executive Officer in charge of the Operations of the Fraud Case. All of us who have been defrauded by Mr. Crump can’t thank you enough for all of your perseverance and your success in apprehending Mr. Crump. You all have my special thanks. Roger W. Faulds (DJ Wild Bill) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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