the editor: Just when I thought I have heard it all, the little town of Prineville springs a new one on me. I am writing in regards to the article “Knocking on doors, keeping kids healthy.” Who’s brainchild is this and what is the catch? I can think of several less evasive and less costly ways of informing all the irresponsible parents of Prineville of the “available services”. I don’t really mean that Prineville parents are stupid and ignorant, but our city government must think so if they have to send a police officer and county health official to our door to talk to us about immunizations and health care. FYI guys, the health department won’t let your kids attend school without updated immunizations, so hasn’t that problem already been addressed? There are also several free immunizations clinics throughout the year and the Health Department gives free medical services to those who can’t afford them. So I ask again “Why are we sending out a cop and a nurse to people’s doors?” I believe a flyer with phone numbers and dates of free clinics would be sufficient. Don’t you? What happens if we don’t want to talk to these officials, are we then put on “the list” of people to watch out for? This whole thing seems way too Communistic for me to ignore. Our children and their welfare is our business not the government’s. If there is a report of a child being abused, neglected, or missing, please feel free to knock on my door, but until then these kind of “programs” are a waste of time and tax dollars. I would like to invite all the residents of Prineville to lock your doors and boycott this program. For those of you who are afraid to send these people away, you need to check out the fourth amendment of the Bill of Rights. Heather Fraser Prineville
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