the editor: Don’t forestry graduates have to take a speech class? If they do, the time and money is wasted. When a timber sale is proposed, the forest service spends a gazillion dollars on the endless studies and reports by a platoon of foresters, wildlife experts, riparian specialists, etc, etc. The results are eventually published and as soon as the first copy is handed out, a mouthpiece for a group with “natural” or “earth” in its title announces that the report is “seriously flawed” and that the forest service is “selling out our public lands for the sole benefit of a rich lumber company and its greedy stockholders.” A few other outrageous statements are tossed out at a press conference and everybody goes home. The USFS falls mute except to announce that it will start the process over again and the process starts repeating itself. Can’t anyone in the Forest Service defend themselves and say, “We had experienced, well trained and competent people do the report and they know what they are doing”? Is there no one to say, “It is correct.” Does it have to be someone like John Ontko who states the obvious, that during a forest fire, fire fighters don’t go about cutting only trees that have high market value? Good grief, can’t someone in authority at the USFS answer those dim bulbs masquerading as “experts” and self-appointed spokespersons for the public? Go to ’er, John. And that was indeed a good year we had in the 6th grade Jerry Pimentel Prineville
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