the editor: Thank you seems inadequate to express the gratitude we have for the people who have been so generous and kind. Our daughter, Rachel, was in an accident May 11, that took the life of our precious friend, Lacey Barnhouse, and left Rachel seriously injured. To those who responded at the scene, transported Rachel to Pioneer Memorial Hospital, cared for her at PMH, transported her to St. Charles Hospital by way of Air Life, and cared for her at St. Charles — thank you for your awesome care of Rachel! By your hands and God’s grace she is making an amazing recovery. Those who cared for her were gentle and efficient, giving her the best care possible often going beyond their professional obligation to her as a patient, and to us as her family. It is overwhelming to think of the many who stepped up to love and support us in so many different ways. People sat with us, answered phones, and made sure accurate information was given about Rachel’s condition. We received cards, gifts, meals, lodging and so much more. We know it is because of the prayers of many that we have been so blessed. We can attest that God is always present and faithful as evidenced by those who have reached out and touched our lives. With much thankfulness, Joel & Tammy Dunaway Andrew, Rachel and Jon Prineville.
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