the editor: I noticed there has been a lot of emphasis placed on wearing seat belts over the holiday. Extra police patrols were cracking down on non-wearers. What a waste of time. Do these people realize that if they get 100 percent users, then every automobile fatality will be wearing a seat belt? Will that be publicized? They point out when someone is killed and not wearing a seat belt. I don’t see it when someone is killed while wearing a seat-belt. Back in 1943 I received a nice letter from the President. He wanted me to become a Selected Volunteer in our Navy. it looked like an opportunity I could not ignore, so I accepted their invitation. You should have seen what they did to me! They put me on a small ship and sent me out on the biggest, deepest, stormiest ocean I had ever seen. For more than 18 months we dodged floating mines and submarines, survived air raids, was damaged by mortar and artillery fire, fought off suicide planes day and night. I came home feeling pretty good about myself. I felt I had helped keep our freedoms and liberty secure. After a while I was told that our highways were not safe for me to drive on without wearing a seat belt. Of course, I panicked, but they began putting seat belts in automobiles. Great! I tried one, I didn’t like it. I felt like it took a lot of my concentration away from my driving. I declined to wear my belt. Now these do-gooders tell me that if I don’t wear my seat belt, and get caught, I will pay a substantial penalty. There goes one of my freedoms. I’m wondering: “why are they all so concerned about my safety all of a sudden? Didn’t seem like they cared too much a few years back” This law is not for me. It wasn’t passed for my benefit. Someone does benefit from it though. I know that this will do nothing to alter the situation, but I shall express my opinions until that freedom too is taken away. Orville Eakins Prineville.
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