the editor: On August 10, between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m., a young woman’s car stalled on the corner of Elm and 7th, next to the little church. I was going downtown, and was stunned to see so many cars going around her and creating such a dangerous situation instead of stopping to help. I had come to a stop to avoid their stupidity but noticed many looked able bodied. I finally turned the corner and saw five or six more vehicles behind her. As I passed I watched them all whip around her! I decided that despite serious physical problems, someone had to stop to help so I pulled into the lot to help. I saw one small young woman had stopped to help and as I walked toward them what I had feared happened. A small compact vehicle hit a small pickup. The sound of the impact was incredible. My heart dropped, envisioning serious injuries to the passengers. The little red car was driven by a very gracious elderly man; the pickup had a man and his young son. By the grace of God they were all shaken badly but no serious injuries. Rene, the beautiful little lady to first stop to help turned out to be someone I’ve watched grow up. Her entire family have all been kind and considerate. She carries the family tradition admirably. All of you who were too selfish and inconsiderate to lend a hand are equally, if not more, responsible for the accident. A very tiny young lady and a disabled person had more heart than all of you. As little as I could do caused me incredible pain which will last for some time, I would still do it again without hesitation. At least there were some who were patient while the young man in the pickup held traffic to get the car off the road. I hope this makes all of you ashamed enough to be more compassionate. If not, someday you may need help and we won’t be there to help you. You know who you are! Marlene J. Mora Prineville
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