the editor: One summer in the early 30’s, our step-dad was foreman of the Crook County road crew, which at that time consisted of a road grader and a lot of hard work. There were six or seven men on the crew and we had a cookhouse, 8-by-20, with a stove, table and bed across the end and our mom was the cook. I don’t remember where supplies were kept but she cooked in that wagon and kept those men fed. No electricity or refrigerator. This crew went all over the county blading the roads. We camped at Maury School for two weeks. The school used to sit where the turn in to the Guiterriz Ranch is now. Next was the Angel place above Paulina. That was a treat as Ike Mills let mom use the old house to cook in. He also brought a quarter of beef. What a treat. Next stop was Hardin where the wind never stops blowing. The wind blew our outhouse over one day. At that time, there were dozens of homesteads on the desert and our hobby was exploring them. People had just up and moved away, leaving almost everything. We didn’t realize that stuff is toady’s antiques! Last stop was the Coffelt Ranch on Bear Creek. What a treat with all the tall trees for shade. That was a summer to remember. Thought I’d better write about a good memory. The next time might be different. Evie Bryant Out South Main
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