a recent trip to our local cable company to pay a bill, I asked why I was billed for the next month, a service I have not received yet. I was told by the secretary that gas, electric, water, all my utilities, were billed in advance. I told the lady that I have never seen on a utility bill where I am being billed in advance. She stated they are "hidden" charges that actually are an advance bill. I haven't been able to figure out yet on my utility bills where this "hidden" charge is, but I continue to be billed in advance by Crestview Cable. Further, I have received extremely poor service on my internet connection. For the first time in five months, it has worked two weeks consecutively, although not at the advertised download rate. The cable for the TV has no pay per view (meaning special events, not HBO, etc), only 54 channels, of which I believe about six are doubles. At the rate of $49 for internet and $29 for basic cable can't Crestview Cable afford to upgrade to the year 2001 and offer better service? After speaking with several technicians and office people, no one makes a lot of money, so where is all the money going? Jon Vivian Prineville
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