>More than two dozen break-ins of secluded homes, storage units and sheds, mostly in the Juniper Canyon area, have prompted authorities to ask the public for help
Since June 13, there have been 27 burglaries and the Crook County Sheriff's office is asking for help from the public.
   Undersheriff Jim Hensley said authorities have suspects identified, but so far deputies have not been able to make arrests. "We believe it is one certain group of people," he said. "We think it is one core group."
   The burglaries have been primarily in the Juniper Canyon - Upper Davis area, Hensley said. Storage units have been broken into as have rural, isolated homes and garages. The list of items stolen is long and includes nearly everything: antiques, three-wheelers, furniture, tools, firearms, generators, motorcycles and RV equipment.
   "These people have been very active," Hensley said, "they've taken hunting and fishing gear, camping equipment and even elk and deer horns from one place."
   The thieves pick secluded places, often vacation homes or homes where the owners are on vacation or otherwise absent. The Sheriff's office needs help in both preventing and solving these cases.
   "If people will make a list of their possessions, including serial numbers and accurate descriptions it will help those us identify and return those items if they are stolen and recovered. Those lists should be kept in a secure place," Hensley advises.
   To help stop these burglaries, people are being asked to call the sheriff's office when something suspicious is seen. "We believe that these are repeat-type offenders, and we are asking the public to keep their eyes open. Anyone seeing strange vehicles where they shouldn)t be, or if someone tries to sell something at a price that is obviously low, call us at the sheriff's office."
   There have been a number of stolen items recovered, Hensley said, and the deputies have been able to track them back. "That is one major source of leads in this case, but we need the community's help," he added.
   Hoping to make something happen, Hensley said that a number of those burglarized have posted rewards for the return of their property and the arrest and conviction of the burglars. Authorities have suspects and the investigation will continue.
   Anyone seeing any suspicious activity should call the sheriff's office at once, 447-6398.
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