the editor: I wish to thank you for the publicity given recently to the activities of American Legion Post 29, but at the same time I wish to make a correction to the headline on our letter to the editor published Sept. 6. I am the Commander of the American Legion and not the VFW as the headline suggested. The VFW is an outstanding organization, and I would in no way want to take credit for their efforts. At the same time, I would like to commend the local VFW for placing the new, much larger flag in the center of the “Y”. It is a tremendous improvement. Thank you, VFW officers and members. Dave Swanson Commander American Legion Post 29 Editor’s comment: Mea culpa. Once again I must accept an hour in the punishment corner for making such an obvious slip. At the same time, I wish to emulate Mr. Swanson in his commendation to the VFW and also add my appreciation for the work the American Legion does.
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