>With the help of friends, family and supporters young Rabecah Miller is set to leave for Portland later this month where she will compete in a teen pageant
Later this month young Rabecah Miller will put weeks of tutoring to use when she steps onto the stage at the Airport Holiday Inn in Portland for the Miss Oregon American Pre-teen Pageant.
   She won't be out there all alone. Behind her are all of the supporters, tutors, friends and family who have encouraged her to do what she has always wanted to do, be a beauty queen.
   Miller contends that she only wants to be famous, while her mother Ann Miller emphasizes that this is just the first step toward securing her daughter's future as a lawyer.
   "She's actually very talented," her mother explained. "She can sing and she has a beautiful voice. We also just recently realized that she is quite photogenic. We thought that this might be a good way to get her talent recognized and help her to achieve some of the very high goals she has set for herself."
   Raised in Prineville, 13-year-old Miller is a bubbly, bright eyed girl who is involved in a number of community activities including Peer Court, Leadership, softball, volleyball and Peer helpers. She says she particularly enjoys her service in Peer Court because it reflects her end goal of becoming a lawyer.
   Although this is Miller's first time participating in a pageant, she hopes that this will represent the beginning of a continuing enterprise for her.
   "I don't really care if I win, though," she said. "I just want to go because I think it will be fun."
   The pageants are geared for `Tomorrows Leaders' and are open to girls ages 3 to 17. The wholesome tenets of the competition include that the girls have goals and dreams based on inner beauty, as well as poise, appearance and an `all American spirit for family, fun and friends.' By all appearances, this describes the only known Prineville contestant.
   Part of the requirements of becoming a contestant is soliciting sponsors and raising the necessarily funds to compete. "So far we have raised about half of our goal of $1,000," Ann Miller said. "Workman and Sons, Alpha Industrial Supply, 7-Eleven, Prineville Menswear, Bill Fisher Construction, Community First Bank and Hank Simmons Realty have all made a contribution to Becah's trip to Portland."
   If Miller walks away a winner in Portland she stands a chance of moving on to the national level, taking her one step closer to her dream of becoming famous.
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