>Crook County Parks and Recreation coordinates the Missoula Children’s Theatre’s production of Snow White, featuring talented local youth and a professional production
The Missoula Children's Theatre (MCT) International Tour Project, the largest touring children's theatre program in the U.S. is in town for their annual performance featuring local talent of youth ages 5 to 15.
   The MCT's staff includes Kim Katz and Thomas Goodrich, returning for their second season with MCT. The pair are working this week to develop and produce a full-scale musical using the combined talents of up to 50 local children as cast members.
   Auditions and intensive rehearsals began on Monday at the Crooked River Elementary School gym with youngsters trying out for a number of featured character parts. Area youth who signed up for this season's play filled the gym with youthful enthusiasm and surprising levels of talent. As the parts were assigned to cast members, the real work of intense rehearsals began.
   The finished performances will be held free for the public on Saturday, July 28 for the high school auditorium. Two performances are scheduled at 3 and 7 p.m.
   The Missoula Children's Theatre's summertime plays are typically updated versions of classic fairy tales and children's stories, and this year's performance will headline Sleeping Beauty.
   In this version of the fairy tale the story follows the traditional lines with Sleeping Beauty falling prey to a spell on her 16th birthday cast by the disgruntled Scarella. The new twist on the tales happens after five hundred years pass, when the heroine wakes to find herself in `a rock and roll dream'.
   As with all MCT productions this year's Sleeping Beauty will feature professionally designed scenery, costumes, props and makeup, as well as sound and lighting equipment.
   This performance is made possible through a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation.
   In addition to their production in Crook County, this season MCT will send out 24 teams to put on approximately 800 residencies, which include over 45,000 young performers.
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