>Removal of a small section of fencing at the corner of the sawmill site has some folks wondering ....
No, the removal of a piece of Ochoco Lumber Company's fence at the corner of Highway 26 and Coombs Flat Road is not because someone is going to develop that site.
   The small section of fence had barely been removed when the rumor mill reported that Safeway Supermarket had purchased the property and was to build on that corner. Not so, Ochoco Lumber Co. president Bruce Daucsavage said.
   "We sold a very small section to the state Department of Transportation for the installation of a signal light at that corner," he explained.
   A short time ago, Ochoco Lumber Co.'s John Shelk had reported that the sawmill would close its doors as of the first of August. The plan at this time, Shelk said , was to mothball the plant and wait to see if the supply of logs increased. There are no plans, he added, to sell the plant or the property.
   Daucsavage agreed with that, adding that there are no plans to dismantle anything. "Nobody has bought the plant or the land," he said.
   Reportedly, the last log went through the mill last Friday and the remaining lumber will be sent through the planing mill then everything will close down.
   "We are still a viable company," Daucsavage explained, "and there might be some lumber movement at the mill, some shipping by rail. We're looking at that, but it would be expensive."
   While crews will no longer operate the sawmill or stacks of lumber will not fill the storage yard, the main offices will continue to be open. "We'll keep the corporation headquarters here with a small office staff," Daucsavage said.
   Meanwhile, ODOT crews will soon begin the work of installing the long awaited traffic light at the very busy corner of Coombs Flat Rd. and Highway 26.
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