osaurs continue to munch down unwary humans in Jurassic Park III. The film opens with devil-may-care tourists parasailing over the forbidden island of Isla Sorna off the coast of Costa Rica. Suddenly in midflight something mysterious happens to the crew in the boat and the parasailers end up stranded on an island full of big, green, hungry monsters. What people won't do for a thrill!
   Geeky Americans sporting cell phones, the well-known set of Jurassic Park I and II and plenty of dinosaurs make up this third film about genetically engineered dinos going berserk for the taste of human flesh. In what by now is a familiar scenario, the object of Jurassic Park III is for the hero to escape from the dinosaur inhabited island before they have a chance to eat him.
   The Kirbys (geeky Americans played by William H. Macy and Tea Leoni) kidnap world renowned paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) under the pretense that they will fund his current scientific excavation. But, unbeknownst to the good doctor, the two are actually divorced middle class Americans on a quest to save their son who was stranded on the island while parasailing with the ex-Mrs. Kirby's boyfriend.
   What's not to like about this film? It has everything you'd expect, adventure, suspense, high-tech wizardry and not-too-graphic violence. You don't have to wait long for the action to start, and it doesn't end until the credits roll.
   By now everyone knows what to expect from the neighborhood Velociraptors, except now, they're even smarter than they used to be _ having figured out how to talk to each other. So, of course the stranded crew of the fateful plane load of tourists, scientists and pseudo-adventurers encounter the dreaded velociraptors right off. That is, right after they make acquaintance with the newest kid on the block - the Sinosaurus, the biggest, baddest dinosaur around _ when their plane is batted out of a tree by the creature.
   It's hard to tear apart this sort of film based on implausibility, as the chances of running into living dinosaurs under any circumstances is pretty implausible to begin with. The idea that a Sinosaurus could eat the only available means of communication - a mobile phone with an annoying musical jingle ringer - without destroying it. Then, poop it out completely intact _ so that the characters in distress can make that last phone call on the quickly draining batteries _ to the one person that can send the whole Army, Air Force and Marines out after them, is pretty much a stretch. But, who's complaining!
   Jurassic Park III makes for a fairly good afternoon flick. It isn't something you're likely to ponder over for very long, and it won't give you nightmares. All-in-all, it's a pretty safe movie to take in - and fairly enjoyable.
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