Break-in keeps CCSO busy

Finding two stolen pickups, one in Prineville Reservoir, and investigating a break-in at the Prineville Country Club keeps sheriff's deputies busy
Crook County Sheriffs deputies recovered a couple of stolen pickups last week but are looking for whoever broke into the office of the Prineville Golf and Country Club.
   It took a lot of effort to pull the stolen pickup from the bottom of Prineville Reservoir. Sheriff's officers give Kenny Keefer (back to camera) a lot of credit for making numerous dives, attempting to hook a cable to the vehicle. Keefer and Steve Benson, in blue shirt, are employed by Dave's Towing, the company called to retrieve the vehicle.
   Last Wednesday, kids swimming in Prineville Reservoir near the county boat ramp No.1 found when they could stand up in the water in one place, they were standing on something smooth. Diving in, one of them discovered what looked to be the top of a vehicle. Someone called the sheriff's office.
   Responding to the scene, Sgt. Frank Avey said a crew from Dave's Towing was called out and the work of retrieving the vehicle began. "One guy, Kenny Keefer, really worked hard, diving time after time trying to hook a cable. Finally we had to get a diver to do the job."
   Pulling what turned out to be a pickup from the water took nearly four hours, Avey said. Once on shore, papers found in the cab indicated that the vehicle was one that had been stolen from the Redmond Wal-mart parking lot last January.
   The same day sheriff's deputies found a second pickup in the Wyoming Drive area. This vehicle turned out to be the Prineville Golf and Country Club's maintenance pickup that had been reported stolen a short time earlier.
   That wasn't the only crime involving the country club last week. The night after the pickup was recovered, someone used a pry bar to force open the club's office door. The robber, or robbers, then used a dolly that had been in the maintenance shed to remove a safe from the office.
   Also taken were numerous bottles of liquor, six cartons of cigarettes and four cases of potato chips. Avey estimated that, including the damage to the door, the loss to the country club was about $3,700.
   Avey said several leads have developed and the investigation into the break-in is continuing. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office at 447-6398.