the editor: This is in response to the so called policies that you have put forth to the community who have had to deal with such rudeness and inconsideration from people who say they care and are doing what they are suppose to do in order to take care of our cemetery. I was appalled to read such a response to the people who wrote expressing how they feel about how they run things up on the hill. It was very offending for you to put that there are people who go up there to see a long lost loved one, only to see an adjoining gravesite offensive to them. I don’t believe that there are people that really go up there only to make negative remarks to the gravesites where their loved ones are buried. Its not an issue of who puts what on the gravesite, its how that person will take care of it in the future. I recently sent my mother something special to put on my sisters grave, only to find out that it was taken completely off from around the vase on the stone. Nothing else was taken nor was it in the way of anyone who might have needed to do some mowing,or etc. Now whether this was taken deliberately,is another story, but the issue is that if the acts of these so called policies were introduced in 1963, maybe its time for a change, and someone might rethink some of these policies and make some serious changes and realize that this is 2001! Philamena Prieto Fairbanks, Alaska
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