Ochoco NF history available

To the editor: Read with interest your editorial bemoaning the last of history about Ochoco National Forest. For the past several years I’ve been collecting information about the history of the timber industry hereabouts. In the process I’ve collected quite a lot about the Ochoco National Forest. After reading your editorial I decided to post some of my findings on my web site. Now available for viewing is an article written by Allen H.Hodgson, Deputy Forest Supervisor, in September 1913. In the near future I’ll post additional material. Sorry my web site’s URL is so long but it is parked at a free spot and that is worth quite a lot. Here is the URL: http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~greengold/RecentPostings/OchocoNationalForest/ONF_History.html Martin G. Morisette Prineville