Public Affairs forum to focus on Our Town

The Prineville-Crook County Chamber of Commerce sponsored Public Affairs Forum will feature Chamber President Donna Mohan who will address the results of a Spring 2001 survey, "What we REALLY Think about Our Town, Tues. Sept. 18, at 7 a.m., in the Broughton Room of the Crook County Library.
   The Forum will be the first opportunity for the community to learn about the survey results.
   Mohan, Chair of the Chamber's "Our Town" adhoc committee, is spearheading a revitalization movement in our town. In particular, the Committee is looking at downtown enhancement projects and developing a brand for Prineville that can be used to market and promote our town.
   The Committee believes that the town center is more than just the businesses that line it, but represents a sense of history and place.
   Mohan will share the results of a community survey, published in the Central Oregonian for a number of weeks in Spring 2001.
   The Committee also champions a parallel goal of developing a brand for Prineville. Branding focuses on building one core theme. Building a brand for Prineville that would uniquely differentiate us from our regional neighbors is an important part of revitalization.
   There are numbers of well-known product brands such as Wisconsin cheese, Florida oranges, Washington apples, and Idaho potatoes. These brands are universally known and they make selling easier and faster. People trust brands, and they want uniqueness.
   People expect experience and quality with a brand. Brands build a following and as such are considered an important economic developing tool. Another example of branding is to ask yourself what comes to mind immediately with the word "Ashland, Oregon."
   Most relate Ashland with the Shakespearian Festival. The Committee welcomes ideas on branding and revitalization and will hold a series of meetings open to the community this fall.
   The Public Affairs Forum is a non-partisan, weekly gathering of businesses and community leaders with an interest in local, regional, state and federal issues that impact central Oregon.
   Regular attendees include county commissioners, city councilors, school board representatives, extension service, library personnel, chamber members, and community members.
   During the Forum, approximately 40 minutes is allotted to speakers with a facilitated question-answer session following the presentation. The Forum adjourns no later than 8 a.m. Coffee, tea, donuts and bagels are served.
   The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. There is no cost to attend the Forum and no RSVP is necessary. For more information, please call the Chamber at 447-6304.