>New scales and scale house, graveled roads, an electronic gate and soon, signal lights to direct traffic as well as a resident's card system will all be in place by mid-October
Unless you can prove you're a resident of Crook County, it'll cost you more to take your trash to the landfill. A new plan that utilizes an ID card and an Oregon driver's license goes into effect next month.
   Landfill manager Allen Keller said the residency card is only one of the changes coming to the counties operation. Bids were opened by the county court this week for an electronic gate and the lease of a couple of pieces of heavy equipment. The electronic gate, to be installed by ABC Fence of Prineville, will allow commercial haulers access after hours.
   Residential customers will still have to adhere to the regular hours of operation, and, after the first of October have to show their card. Customers with a card and drivers license will pay $23 per ton. Without the card the cost will be $25 per ton.
   "The drivers license is so someone can't loan their residency card to a friend from Crooked River Ranch or Redmond," Keller explained. "The new price is just for the per ton rate. It won't change for dumping tires or appliances."
   Other changes that'll be seen soon will include newly graveled road to the fill site, fresh black top from Huston Lake Road to the scales and the new double scales themselves.
   The work on installing one side of the new set of scales has been completed and soon traffic will be shunted to that side. Once the old scales have been lifted and a signal light installed, traffic will be directed to each side - in and out.
   The automatic system is certain to speed the process. Keller explalined that the old single set of scales has to be raised in order to keep rain water from filling the hole it sits in.
   All the innovations are expected to be up and running by mid-October.
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