Gas price article points out problems

To the editor: I am pleased with the article written by Mr. Schaffer concerning gasoline prices. Seems a little late to me, but better late than never. It has always been the oil companies explanation that transportation over the mountains were the cause of the high prices of our gasoline. That was not the truth then, and it is not the truth now. We are being manipulated so they can extract every last penny they can from us. There is a time in the near future when we will purchase automobiles that will get tremendous gas mileage, or use a completely different kind of fuel. The Japanese will probably be first, we could, but we will not. Oil companies need to make their profits while they can, or get the prices up high enough so they will still make their profits from these new products, and make us believe we are getting a bargain. These companies know that we will pay any price that they put on the pump. Europe has proven that, but they must go slow so we do not notice the increase too much. I believe in capitalism as much as anyone, but as I see it, there is nothing “free” in free enterprise. We operate on the supply and demand theory. If you can control supply, you can demand what you want for your product. That is what is happening: too few people are controlling our energy supply. I recently returned from a quick trip to Cheyenne. On one diesel pump was a notice that stated that from each $15 spent on fuel, $5 went for taxes. For my part, I believe the tax goes to good purposes (highways, bridges, maintenance, etc.). They did not explain where the other $10 went. That would be interesting. Wyoming produces oil. We saw more refineries idle than operating. There were hundreds of wind driven generators, most of which were idle. I asked a friend about the costs of this power. He didn’t know. The power was all going to California. If California doesn’t need it, why can’t it go to someone that does? Of course that would lower the price of a kilowatt. Perhaps that is the reason. Reconcile yourselves to these high prices, and prepare yourselves for the higher ones that are yet to come. Orville Eakins Prineville