Thanks to wonderful folks who helped

To the editor: I would like to thank the wonderful people who stopped and offered to assist our daughter after her accident last Wednesday morning. She was traveling east on Hwy 20 and just past the Powell Butte School she was nearly involved in a head on collision. When Jodi’s car left the pavement and went out of control and through the fence, she was left confused and frightened, but fortunately not seriously injured. I thank God that she was kept safe. I am grateful to the individuals who stayed with her. You brought her comfort and tried to cheer her; you eased her pain. One particularly kind woman stayed with Jodi until we were able to arrive. You were exceptionally gracious and understanding to a stranger. It’s so nice to know that the world has good people in it that will respond in times of need. So to whomever, thank you very much. We greatly appreciated your acts of kindness towards our daughter. Tim and Vicki Birkby Prineville