the editor: I think there is a major issue being overlooked in all of this church camp business. I have heard nothing but negative feed back about the whole thing, and this bothers me. We live in a community where teens and parents constantly complain that there is “nothing to do in this town.” Which makes no sense to me, personally. I always managed to stay busy and have fun without getting pregnant, high or drunk every weekend while I was a student here. Nonetheless, we constantly hear the complaints, the whining, and the sympathetic remarks of parents and community members, some of which even buy alcohol and host parties for their “poor” high schoolers. Now that something positive and wholesome wants to make its home in our community, we are doing everything we can to push them away. I am familiar with Outreach Northwest (the church group behind the camp) and the healthy, positive life-changing effects they have on the lives of today’s youth. These people know what they’re doing. I believe they will be a great addition to our community, and continue to give Prineville a good name. So to those of you who are so adamantly opposed, try taking an objective look at the situation. To the neighbors of the Stein’s Pillar Ranch ... would you rather have drunken parties and brawls near your property or youth learning positive things in a controlled situation? To the city commissioners —- yes, there are some problems concerning the land maintenance and sewer, but instead of rejecting them, why not try to help them solve these problems? C’mon Prineville! Stop being selfish and start making a difference in the lives of today’s youth! Alita Tombleson Prineville
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