Two share prize for flowering planters

This year, two of the flower-filled barrel planters along Third Street were chosen as the "best of show" in the Crook County Garden Club's annual beautify downtown contest

   Standing on each side of the blossom-filled planter in front of the Insurance Mart II were Marty and Jan Howard. Katherine Davis and Donna Coonse congratulated the couple for their colorful basket.
   With The Posie Shoppes Judy Holliday on one side and Donna Mohan on the other, Crook County Garden club members Katherine Davis and Donna Coonse shared a few gardening comments while inspecting the award winning planter barrel.
   Because of a difference on opinion, two local businesses were chosen as having the best flower-filled planter barrel in front of their business.
   For the first time, this year Jeff Papke's horticulture class at Crook County High School took part in the annual event. Class members not only grew the flowering plants in the school greenhouse, a number of them also helped the garden club plant some of the barrels.
   Each spring, the garden club plants the barrels as part of a move to brighten up the downtown business community. Flowering plants are planted and it is up to the individual business owner to feed and water the barrel planters in front of their shop. Traditionally, late in the summer when the flowers are at their peak, club members, under the leadership of President Jessie Tavernia inspect the barrels and pass judgement. This year members of the CCHS horticulture class assisted in that part of the event.
   As one member of the Crook County Garden Club explained, there was some disagreement about which business owner produced the winning barrel - the horticulture class went for "splash" while the garden clubbers judged with the eye of a gardener.
   As has been said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whomever you agree with, either way, people driving down Third Street this summer benefited: the multitude of flowering planters went a long way toward bringing color to Prineville)s main thoroughfare. The prize went to two businesses: the Posie Shop, 142 NW Third St. and Marty Howard's Insurance Mart II, 603 NW Third St.
   Congratulations to both, and to the Crook County Garden Club and Papke's horticulture class.