I w
ould like to take a moment to respond to the letter to a recent letter to the editor in regards to: “What kind of parents are these.” (Central Oregonian, Sept. 6) I would have to say that in a lot of cases this would apply, but I am the parent of Bradley and I want you to know that, yes, I am ashamed of what he has done, but It was no fault of his upbringing. My husband and I have three children, our oldest is graduating from the Navy with the highest awards and honors for his division based upon his performance of duty in all phases of basic training including leadership, initiative, military bearing, response to orders, sportsmanship, qualification of a good shipmate and high overall scholastic standing. I might add that I am extremely proud of him. Our youngest child is a freshman this year and has always in the past brought home great reports from school and has set high goals for her future. All three of these children have been taught good morals and values and why one strayed from that in this saddening situation, I can not explain. But please do not stereotype all parents. I love my children with all of my heart and I am hurt for Brad’s wrongdoing and I do want you all to know that he is not a “bad” kid, he is a “good” kid that made a very stupid choice. Bradley should pay for what he has done, and I pray that this community will look upon him as a young man that made a really bad decision and is willing to give Bradley a second chance to prove to you that he is a good, loving, giving person. That he does love his country and those who gave their lives for him and all of us to have our freedom. In the time of our Nation’s biggest crises is when Bradley truly understood what a “Memorial” really represents. My heartfelt apologies to all. L. Bratcher Prineville
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