the editor: It appears that there are people that are not in favor of a campsite in the Mill Creek area. I can understand the feelings that one might have about a camp being built. It appears that the amount of traffic on the Mill Creek Road seems to be a major issue in some of the decisions that are being made. There was a recent gathering at the camp and it didn’t seem like that many vehicles was a reason to be upset. I taught school in Crook County for thirty-four years and of that time period I was involved in the Sixth Grade Outdoor Education program (6th grade camp) for twenty of those years. All year long the sixth-graders looked forward to going to camp for a week during the month of May. Not only did the children look forward to the camp, but the staff did also. Many hours were put into preparing for that three week period. Camp was a very positive experience for the young people as well as the 45 - 50 high school students we took along as counselors. During that week students received very special attention that made them feel so good and so loved that in most cases they didn’t want to leave at the week’s end. Thursday evening was our candle light ceremony and each student, along with their living group, had an opportunity to express their feelings about the week. Many great words were spoken during that time and a lot of precious tears were shed. Memories like that last forever. To be loved and made to feel extremely special is what camp is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these children don’t get loved at home, because I’m sure that they do, but it is a different experience at a camp. I always came home from camp exhausted, but happy to know that I, along with the staff, made that week an unforgettable week in the life of a child. We now have an opportunity to give children, young adults and even senior citizens a chance to experience that same kind of special feeling, because some person is willing to put forth the time and effort to make their camp experience an unforgettable one. Before you shut down something that is far more important than a few cars driving up the road, think of all the happy faces of children as they return home from a fun filled week at an outdoor nondenominational campsite. Crook County needs this camp, our young people need this camp. Stand up and be accountable. Say yes to something that is long over due. Paul L. Zinn Prineville
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