Theft of business signs questioned

To the editor: I am very saddened by the chain of thefts surrounding my advertising signs. I am a Prineville resident and by opening a service industry business here, I had hoped that this community was more receptive to new business, had less crime and less pettiness. It appears that someone doesn’t feel that way. On Sept. 17, I noticed that two of my signs located in the lower Juniper Canyon/South Davis Loop area were gone. I could not understand the reasoning behind this, they were placed among other signs offering daycare, crafts, homes for sale and garage sales. I called the sheriff’s office and filed a complaint. Then again, on September 22nd, I noticed two more signs were missing, this time on the Upper Juniper Canyon/South Davis Loop area. I have again filed a complaint with the sheriffs office. What is very interesting is that at each place, the perpetrator would have to stop their car and physically pull each sign out of the ground. Childish if you ask me, as my phone number is very plain on these signs, they could have called if there was a problem. I can only speculate as to who is so threatened by my advertising. The signs are professionally done, and yes, are expensive. So at this time I have no other alternative but to offer a $250 reward to any person with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the theft of my property. The signs are white, with a purple train and purple lettering saying “Financing offered by: Finance Express, 416-8600, 880 NW 3rd Prineville.” Roxie Morin Finance Express Prineville