>Tonight's meeting will be to announce the fully sanctioned 300 mile sled dog race in which Prineville will be the location for one of the legs of the race
When someone talks about a sled dog race, they are usually not talking about central Oregon. That is about to change.
   A professional sled dog racer will be in town tonight to discuss the Atta Boy 300 "Race for Vision," a sled dog race that covers 300 miles in eight days. Three hundred miles that starts at Mt. Hood and ends at Mt. Bachelor.
   The meeting, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, will be held at the Stafford Inn and begins at 6 p.m. On hand to make the official announcement will be 16-year-old Rachael Scdoris, considered to be one of the youngest and most promising professional sled dog racers in the history of the sport.
   The race will be accredited by the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports (IFSS) the international sanctioning body for professional Sled Dog Races. This race will become the first jewel of a Triple Crown, in conjunction with the Wyoming IRSSRA 500 and the Alaska Iditarod.
   "This is a dream come true," Jerry Scdoris said. Scdoris is Rachael's father, a professional musher and founder of the Atta Boy 300 with the sponsorship of American Nutrition, makers of Atta Boy dog food.
   The race begins on Mt. Hood in Government Camp, continues through the communities of Bend, Sisters, Prineville, Sunriver and La Pine with the final stage ending at Mt. Bachelor.
   "The race is designed to be spectator friendly so the public can experience the pure excitement of a World Sled Dog race," Scdoris explained. "It will also create public awareness about the abilities and possibilities for visually impaired individuals."
   Already a professional sled dog racer, Rachael Scdoris was born with a genetic disease that makes her both nearsighted and farsighted; the teenager cannot see 20 feet in front of her. Legally blind, the young Scdoris is following in her father's footsteps as a sled dog racer and trainer and will be the official spokesperson for the race.
   The evening meeting is open to the public and everyone is urged to attend.
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