the editor: Response to Love the Animals, Hate the Smell: The Humane Society of the Ochocos has been inundated with dogs and cats that have been abandoned, surrendered for adoption and picked up as strays. On any given day, a visitor will find two, maybe three personnel and volunteers total at the shelter. Some of these volunteers devote every day of the week to the care of these animals. The problem at the Humane Society is not the smell, it is the lack of volunteers and the attitude of many people who simply abandon their pets when they decide they don’t want to care for them anymore! Probably, at least a good half of the animals cared for at the shelter are anonymously dropped after hours or abandoned so the owners don’t have to make a nominal donation for the surrender of these animals. In addition to struggling to care for all of the animals and give them the very best chance for adoption with extremely limited funds, the shelter is, by their own account, woefully shorthanded volunteer-wise. So, good citizens of Prineville, if you are bothered by the smell, consider donating some of your time or money the help the Humane Society address the problem! PS I do volunteer work there, but I should do more myself. Robyn Kincaid Prineville
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