the editor: The Crook County Library had its grand opening in the “new” building two years ago, Oct. 17, 1999. Since then the “collection” of books and A-V materials has grown from 34,292 to 41,968 items, an increase of 22 percent. Use of the library has grown even more statistically. Children’s circulation climbed from 41,916 for fiscal year 1999 to 61,204 for fiscal year 2001. That’s 46 percent! Total circulation grew from 151,816 to 197,157, 30 percent. Internet use in the new building has been impressive. We recorded 9,807 sign-ups in our first year here, and we had 18,297 last year. Travelers from around the world have stopped to check their e-mail and read the news from their home countries. Those visitors have been sincere in their praise for our facility. Use of the meeting rooms has been significant, too. Last months 68 meetings were scheduled, many lasting all day. Counting the many residents of Deschutes, Jefferson, and Wheeler Counties, we have over 11,500 registered library card holders. With the library now open on Sundays, it seems certain the library building will serve even more patrons. Circulation will exceed 200,000. That’s impressive even for our maverick, unbranded county. Rick Chrisinger Library Director
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