VFW makes donation for SAL's Christmas bicycle program

Members of the Sons of the Americal Legion will use the latest donation from the local Veterans of Foreign Wars to buy tires, tubes, parts and paint to refurbish bicycles which will then be given to children at Christmas
Talking part in the 'check-passing ceremony' were, from the left: Doug Zimmerman, VFW; Wayne Eldridge, VFW; Bill Graham, Commander, SAL; Gilbert Sharp, Commander, VFW; Morris Gerke, VFW; Scott Batterson, VFW, American Legion and SAL; Dean Merritt, VFW; Ben Bjork, SAL; Ron Todd, VFW, American Legion and SAL and Steven Batterson, SAL. Scott Batterson and Ron Todd are the only two members at the Post belonging to all three organizations.
   Once again, members of the Sons of the American Legion are working on rebuilding and reconditioning bicycles for Christmas. Throughout the summer, the volunteers refurbish bicycles as part of their "Ride into Summer Program." But now, that effort is aimed at providing good, usable bicycles to be donated for Christmas.
   Bill Graham, spokesman for the SAL membership, said the reconditioned bikes will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs in Bend, Redmond and Prineville, plus other kids in low income families. In addition to the overhauled bicycles, this year the members will have bicycle helmets to give out, too.
   "The Prineville Police Department has 500 helmets to donate," Graham explained. "They have the helmets and no bikes and we have the bikes and no helmets, so we are going to work together. It's going to be a good deal for everyone."
   To help cover the cost of new tires, tubes, paint and other items necessary to bring the damaged, discarded or unclaimed bicycles up to like-new condition takes money. So far this year, the members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) have made several donations to help out. The latest check was presented to the SAL membership last week.
   For more information, contact Graham at the Veterans) Club, 447-5651.