Nine-year-old Jared Guidry worked with his sister and father to grow this huge pumpkin which will become the center of a 'guess the weight' contest. To illustrate that not all pumpkins he grows are the large kind, Jared is holding a fully grown "Jack-Be-Littles" variety. When mature, that variety will weigh no more than four ounces.
There are signs that summer is over and fall is here: colder temperatures to wake up to and the giant pumpkin in the back of that pickup are two such indicators.
   There's a story about that pumpkin ... any pumpkin that big deserves a story. It was grown by Richard Guidry and his family. According to Guidry, his 9-year-old son Jared and daughter Moriah, 5, helped with watering and fertilizing, and wife Lorie cheered them on.
   This is one pumpkin that won't be carved into a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, however, because it has been sold to a automotive dealership. Guidry said he got the idea of marketing the huge gourd from the same book that taught him how to grow it.
   "We ordered the seeds from a Canadian company that deals with pumpkin seeds, Howard Dill Seed Company," Guidry said. "They use cross-pollination to produce the right characteristics for huge pumpkins."
   Along with the seeds, Guidry bought a book that gave information needed to grow near-record size pumpkins. "Through the book and phone calls to the company, I learned to grow it, what to expect, how to hand pollinate and even how to water and fertilize it," Guidry explained. "They even told us what to do with it once its grown."
   Guidry won)t say exactly how much his pumpkin weights, Dave Hamilton Chevrolet in Redmond bought it and will have a 'guess the weight' contest. But he does admit that when compared with others, it isn't such a big one. The world record last year weighed 1,140 pounds.
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