Price of a gallon of gas drops in a 3-hour promotion

Prineville's Chevron Station was the focus of attention for awhile Tuesday afternoon during a sales promotion that saw the price of a gallon of gas go to under a dollar
How long has it been since you've seen the price of gas drop below a dollar a gallon? "Not since I was in high school," one person answered. "It was under a buck in the 1980s," Ben Fairfield said, as he carefully put the big number '6' on the sign at Prineville's Chevron Station Tuesday afternoon.
   Long before the three hour promotion began, cars and pickups were lined up down Deer Street, around the corner and on down Second. Private security officers were busy, directing traffic, keeping those in line from holding up people who just wanted to get past.
   Within seconds after opening up the pumps at 3:30 p.m., every pump at the station was in business, pumping out $.96 per gallon gas. Windshields were washed, money or credit cards changed hands and as fast as the vehicle with the newly filled gas tanks could move, it was replaced with the one behind it.
   When the 3-hour promotion was over and the last gas tank was filled, about 4,000 gallons of regular unleaded gas had been pumped. "Typically," Fairfield said, "we sell about 4,500 gallons in an eight hour period. We lost 60 to 65 cents a gallon on this promotion," he added.
   With prices back at the normal, at $1.779 per gallon, life along the streets around that part of town settled back down. The numbers on the sign were quickly changed to reflect today's prices ... the 'under a dollar' numbers just a memory of what once was.