the editor: Homecoming for the local high school football team. Around 3 minutes left and the home team is losing by 3 points. The other team across the field was cheering louder than the Crook County fans were as the opposing player went down. I was the fat guy who turned around trying to urge the home crowd on. I could not believe it. The Crook County crowd was not on their feet cheering on the home team, but rather, they looked like deer with headlights in their eyes, glued to their seats. I could not believe this. Homecoming with the game on the line, and all but about 10 people who I heard the whole game, were glued to their seats staring at the field. The visitors were louder. I yelled at the home crowd to get up, and nobody responded. Crook County got the ball. I got up again trying to urge the crowd on. They all sat. The visitors sideline cheered. The Crook County cheerleaders started throwing yellow flowers into the crowd, even as the game continued. The crowd stood for that! Crook County lost. As I exited the stadium a woman behind remarked that I was a poor excuse for a man. Forgive me lady. It is not my child, but the woman who I love, it is her child. Therefore, I will root for his team until there is no time remaining. I really feel in my heart that if the Crook County crowd would have got on their feet and roared the final 4 minutes of Friday’s homecoming game, the Cowboy’s would have won. They didn’t. They sat down and looked at me like I was an idiot for urging the crowd on. Then they made rude comments to me after the game. Go Cowboys Jon Vivian Prineville
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