Crafton story below normal standards

To the editor: Your recent article on Commissioner Crafton’s (with picture) ‘cash for’ Crook County smacked of possible bias, or at least weak reporting. The article didn’t refer to any actual accomplishments by our good Commissioner in generating funds for our community. Maybe it should have been printed later when grants are actually received, e.g. “We are working on getting a $180,000 grant .....” or “Crafton has applied for a $3.7 million grant .....”. Partial reporting on the make up funds needed for one grant, “The county would have to come up with $500,000 .....” to be partially paid with funds received from the land sale of 320 acres to BLM. Contained no mention of the anticipated revenue from this possible sale ( $250 an acre there would be a $420,000 shortfall). Contributions received by Crook county that are proportioned from budgets of state organizations (ABHA, GAC) are not necessarily through any extra efforts by the Commissioner. Merely having membership in these organizations may not increase any benefits received by our county. I enjoy reading the Central Oregonian, however this article was below your normal quality. Bernie Steinberger Prineville