the editor: As a registered Crook County child care provider, I am very concerned that a lot of parents here are not aware of laws regarding child care homes. These laws were made to protect your children, keep them safe, and ensure they grow up in environments that are going to promote healthy development. Registration with the Oregon Child Care Division is required for anybody doing child care in their home on a more than occasional basis and for anyone who cares for more than three children from more than one family at any one time, other than the person’s own children. For a complete list of rules, please contact the Oregon Child Care Division at 1-800-556-6616. A registered child care provider is required to take some training. They have to attend a family child care overview session, they have to be certified in infant and child first aid and CPR, they have to hold a food handlers certificate and they have to complete two hours of training on child abuse and neglect. New providers also have a one-time safety inspection. When renewing, we have to show that we’ve taken at least eight hours of training related to child care. Some providers choose to take advantage of the USDA food program which ensures your child is receiving healthy meals and snacks. We are also required to stay within provider/child ratios. All of these things contribute to keep your children safe from harm. If someone is taking care of your children, who is not registered and should be by law, encourage them to do that. It’s not hard and it really is for the protection of your children. Becky Groves President, All for Kids Crook County Early Childhood Association
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