Torch Club kids know beans

Boys and Girls Club kids eager to take on the Lions
Torch Club members of the local Boys & Girls Club aren't strangers to community service projects. These kids are practically pro.
   This small-group leadership development program is targeted for youngsters ages 11 to 13 who, with the help of a youth coordinator, plan and implement their own activities and community service projects.
   Whether it's helping to keep the city clean by picking up trash or assisting with Boys & Girls Club programs, these bright and energetic kids are involved in doing something good for their community. Now, they're taking on a whole new project, and hoping to add a new twist to the program by starting a Leo Club.
   It's all part of a Lion's Club project and fundraiser, initiated by Lion's member Mary Reed.
   Torch Club kids recently gathered at the B&G Club to help Reed assemble bags of beans, spices and recipes making soup-in-a-bag packages. These packages will in turn be sold over the next several months as part of the Lions ongoing fundraising activities. Proceeds will go toward buying hearing aids and glasses for those who can't afford them.
   The kids are busy adding hours to their community service tally, hoping to reach the required number of 50 so that they can start the first local Leo's Club.
   Sponsored by a Lions club, a Leo club also elects its own officers, schedules its own meetings, and selects its own fundraisers and service projects.
   The international scope of Leo clubs will allow its new Prineville members to experience and enjoy meeting others from different cultures through activities such as "club twinning," youth exchange and international youth camps.
   However the main objective for all club members is to have fun and do some good for the community at the same time. "We like to do these kinds of things because it's fun and we like to help out," said club member Aaron Tucker.