Immigration not handled wisely

To the editor: To John Doe citizen —- did you know that: Services for immigrants, legal and illegal, now cost taxpayers over $68 billion dollars yearly. Bilingual education now doubles the cost of immigrant’s schooling. English as America’s primary language is eroding, with drivers licenses, voting ballots and citizenship ceremonies now being offered in dozens of languages. Over 400,000 foreigners now collect SSI benefits from the Social Security Administration without having to work in America. Immigrants receive Medicaid benefits 64 percent more often than native Americans. Immigration costs U.S.-born workers $133 billion a year in job losses. Immigrants are 50 percent more likely to get welfare than natives —- with a full 75 percent being more likely to get food stamps, medical benefits and housing assistance. Non citizens in 1996 collected nearly $7 billion a year in benefits. Two-thirds of our nation’s population growth is due to immigration. And these changes are just the beginning, reported legal immigration has increased by 27 percent recently as reported by the INS. What do you think? Do you think today’s immigration policy is too open? Or about right? Does the increasing use of foreign languages in the United States concern you? Do you believe the U.S. can continue to absorb an unlimited number of these immigrants without adversely affecting the economic and social fabric of our great nation? Are you aware of the number of immigrants that are allowed into America yearly? Do you think more or fewer immigrants should be allowed into America annually? Are you concerned about the growing numbers of illegal aliens coming across our borders each month? Chuck Kelley Powell Butte