the editor: I just wanted to write a response regarding the register child care provider letter. As a parent I feel it is the parents right to choose who will take care of my child, not the states. I do understand that the state has a job to monitor businesses when it comes to children. But when the state comes in and starts telling you who should and who can’t watch your child that is another story. As a parent I have the right to make that very important, and sometimes difficult, decision. Just being certified doesn’t mean a person is a better care giver. Remember people don’t have to take classes to have their own children. When the decision comes to choosing a registered child care provider, over a non-registered provider, this decision should also be based on reputations, being highly recommended and simply being a loving care giver. We must remember that we live in “Small Town USA” not Portland. I am sure any child care giver is more closely watched in a small town, than any state employee could ever oversee. This makes me feel as a parent, that the state doesn’t think I am competent enough to make that decision on my own when it comes to my child. I have read your qualifications and I will make my decision, based on who I feel is the most qualified. This is a free country and where is my freedom of choice? This is my child - I will decide. Jennifer O’Brien Prineville
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