the editor: As a concerned parent of a young child in daycare, I feel that the letter that was published in last Thursday’s edition is not completely accurate. The letter stated there are laws which have been implemented to protect our children, with regard to children placed in registered child care homes. Choosing a registered daycare provider does not guarantee the safety or the well being of our children any more than a non-registered daycare provider. As a parent, what are we suppose to do if we take our child to a registered daycare provider and ask the provider not to give our child milk, due to an allergy? The daycare provider gives the child milk anyway, because the law says, “A child must have a certain amount of milk every day.” Ask yourself, are the laws and the registered daycare providers protecting our children or harming them? What about the registered daycare provider who only changes your child’s diaper twice in a nine hour shift, or puts your child in front of the television, because they have other things to do. The list goes on and on. If registered day care providers robotically follow the daycare provider laws, are they necessarily acting in the best interests of children? The laws were most likely written as guidelines, not absolutes. A registration for a daycare provider does not guarantee quality day care service. Becky Groves may be right in her statement that all parents may not know the laws concerning daycare. But I think Becky, as well as others, are over- looking the fact that there are other things to factor in when it comes to daycare, besides the number of children a provider has. Registered daycare provider or not; it is the parent’s right and responsibility to make sure their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. Keri Grimes Prineville
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