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   The Central Oregonian is going to be a little more interactive starting today when we introduce our web survey on our web site at . Each week at the top center of our home page you'll find a link to our reader's survey question of the week. Simply click on that link and you'll be whisked to the current question and a series of choices. There is also a place where you can check the results to date to see how the rest of the community has responded to the question. Each Thursday we will publish the results of the previous week's question in the paper and announce the new question.
   The first question is "How far are you planning to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday?"
   I hope you'll take the time to log on to the Central Oregonian web site each week and participate in our survey. If you have an idea for future questions, send it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
   As always we encourage your letters to the editor, which may be submitted by email through our web site, by mail, by fax or in person at our office. As a reminder, don't forget to sign your submission and give us your address and phone number so we can verify that the letter is from you.
   Also new to the web site is an archive of stories and photos that have appeared on the site since February 2001. The link to the archive is on the lower left side of the home page. And don't forget that the Central Oregonian is the official Prineville weather station and that current and cumulative weather information is available.
   Our pilgrim hats off to the Bagel Company
   So that everyone will have something to be thankful for this holiday season, Helen and Al Young, owners of the Bagel Company in Prineville are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for everyone without a place to go or cannot afford a Thanksgiving dinner.
   There will be no charge for the dinner, which will be served at the Bagel Company at 290 NW Third Street from noon until 4 p.m. or until the food is gone. Anyone wishing to donate store-bought goods to the dinner can take them to the restaurant. Health department regulations prohibit them serving foods prepared at home.
   The Youngs also need volunteers to help cook, serve and clean up. The menu will include turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, coffee and pie.
   If you'd like to volunteer please call 447-1542. We should all be thankful we have friends like Helen and Al in Prineville.
   Enterprise Zone support needed
   The City of Prineville and Crook County have jointly applied for an Enterprise Zone designation and we need your support to get it. An Enterprise Zone is formed to provide incentives for existing businesses to expand and to encourage new industry to settle in a community.
   The proposed local incentive could include assistance obtaining permits to build, offering publicly owned lands at reduce prices, credits to offset the extension of infrastructure costs and local government help and sponsorship of grand applications to help offset the cost of extending sewer, water, etc.
   There are only four Enterprise Zone designations currently available in Oregon and there are eight applications on file. Both Madras and Redmond already have the designation and this would help put us on equal footing with those communities, and with others across the state, in attracting new industry.
   I encourage you to write a letter of support to Bill Scott, the Director of Oregon Economic and Community Development Department in Salem. If you have questions about the Enterprise Zone application please contact Prineville City Planner, Dick Brown, at 447-5627. Bill Scott's mailing address is 775 Summer Street, NE Salem OR 97301 and the e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
   Prineville needs more jobs, and the Enterprise Zone is a helpful tool in recruiting them.
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