the editor: First of all I would like to congratulate the Crook County Cowboys High School Rodeo Team on a superb showing during their 2000-2001 rodeo season. Even though our team represents a small high school in terms of enrollment and team numbers they have managed through the course of last year to not only make an outstanding effort at the 16 regular season rodeos but qualify for State Finals and continue their winning ways with several members going on to qualify to compete at the Silver State Finals in Fallon, Nevada, last June. Six members also qualified for the highest level of competition possible as a High School Rodeo athlete by representing not only our school but also our great state at the National High School Rodeo Finals held this July in Springfield, Illinois. I am not surprised by this feat, when you have a group of outstanding individuals with determined minds and sound goals an effort like this is possible. Our community has also been very generous supporting these individuals by helping to sponsor their regular season rodeo produced by the rodeo team members. Perhaps Prineville’s merchants, the newspaper, family members and friends have the insight that some don’t. Maybe some have chosen not to look at these efforts because rodeo is not of interest. I respect that we all have sports or activities that we choose to follow, but what I do not understand is how a school that proudly calls themselves the “Crook County Cowboys” does not even display one picture in their high school yearbook or even mention the fact that we have a rodeo team and shows the accomplishments that were achieved this year. After talking with our advisor it also seems that obtaining sports letters for these outstanding athletes has become another obstacle. Yes, high school rodeo is a sport recognized by the OSAA just like football, wrestling and baseball. It seems that at every level except from the eyes of some staff members at our high school this is a legitimate sport. I am not writing this to create more negativity, my goal here is to enlighten those that have not at this point realized that we are as a school not recognizing and supporting some of our most valuable assets in this community. Not only are these fine young adults tremendous athletes but they also are good students academically with leadership skills that we as a community will look to in the future. The town is already aware of their value by displaying strong support; I would like to ask Crook County High School to do the same. Thank you, Rhonda Kingsbury Powell Butte
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