>Dane Danforth, Ochoco Elementary School principal Dane Danforth had help from two teachers, Jan Uffelman and Rob Bonner, when it came time for him to pay off a gambling debt.
When Dane Danforth took on the job of principal at Ochoco Elementary School, kissing a pig was probably not in the job description. But then one should never make bets with one's students. That is why Danforth, with the help of 3rd grade teacher Jan Uffelman and Rob Bonner, 4th and 5th grade teacher, was found kissing the porker before the student body during an assembly at the school. He had made the wager early in the year and, with a smooch, paid off. The bet centered around whether the students, from K through 5th grade, could earn 1,000 Accelerated Reader points. Earning the points is part of the Family Reading Nights program started by Uffelman. The program excited the students, especially once Danforth accepted the challenge. They easily made the grade and won the bet. After the kiss, Danforth was still smiling and the pig hadn't turned into a princess.
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