the editor: We are the Crook County High School Cross Country Ski Race Team, a new activity at Crook County High School. We are writing this letter to indicate our commitment, as a team and as coaches, to remain tobacco free for the duration of our season. We recognize that for many generations the tobacco industry has taken advantage of our cultural infatuation with sports and athletics, and has used that preoccupation to sell a product that exacts major costs, at every level, on our society. We are committed, as a team, to combating that association of tobacco and athletes by declaring that we are, and will remain, tobacco free. We encourage you as our community to join us in this commitment, not only to improve the life quality of individuals close to us, but also to further dissolve the unhealthy association so often made between sports and tobacco use. Yours in good health, The Crook County High School Cross Country Ski Race Team Tracy Smith - Head Coach And 12 signatures
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